Craziness starts with the intrusion of the absurd web content which exists in the wild side of the human conscience, nevertheless, just how did this material ended up being so absurd?

The initial principles needed to encounter many troubles as well as deceptions from the start of its presence. From deceptiveness to deception as well as from issue to issue, it became aberrant, hysterical, psychotic and after that schizophrenic.

Now, let me show you with an example how somebody starts ending up being insane.

First he is characterized by calmness: he has only favorable thoughts in his mind, nerve, great disposition and also honesty.

Then he is betrayed by someone, that additionally steals all his money.

Time passes, he handles to recover the money he lost by working extremely hard, when unexpectedly another person betrays him again, and also again steals all his cash.

Time passes once more and he earns money once again and everything occurs again: he sheds every little thing because a person betrays him and takes all his loan.

One day he shows up on the front web page of the regional paper with the following headline: “Crazy male eliminates innocent kid only since he appreciated his purse.” The tale continues as complies with: “The insane guy was spending for something he purchased, when the child saw his wallet as well as informed him that it was very wonderful. The male looked at him with anger, started shaking and also sweating. Then, he took his gun from his pocket, killing the young boy with a shot. He escaped so fast that no one might catch him during that time of the afternoon, when just a couple of people were walking in the streets”.

What happened?

The insane guy came to be crazy because he shed everything many times as well as he considered the boy as if he was an additional burglar.

Does it mean then that when someone deals with repeating deceptiveness she or he will end up being insane?

Yes and no: it relies on the level of domination of the wild side.

If the anti-conscience (wild principles) had not attacked the human side of the principles of the male in our instance, he would certainly not be so fierce. His response can be hostile if he thought about the child a feasible burglar, but he would certainly never ever specify of eliminating him for this reason.
The extreme violence shared in situations of psychosis and also schizophrenia has its roots in an extremely remote past, when the human principles was beginning to recognize that it lived and beginning to believe and desire many things.

It gathered several aggressive reactions and also came to be too terrible. This is why after 3 significant deceptiveness, the guy in our story, that inherited an unreasonable and wild principles (anti-conscience), became a killer.

He really did not should go through a number of deceptiveness in his life in order to come to the point of coming to be so terrible, precisely because all this violence was already gathered in the wild component of his principles – he merely inherited this web content like everybody. Depending on the emotional type of every person and also the problems of their lives, this web content might or could not show up in the aware surface area.

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