About Us 

Hello, dear reader!

Welcome to PoetsCorner directory. This is a website for people who understand an importance of books in our lives. Our slogan is “Read to be Better”. And here are 4 statements that prove our statement:

Reading expands your knowledge of the surrounding world. If there are questions that you have unanswered, sometimes the best idea is to turn to books for them! There are so many publications on different topics and there definitely should be some solution for particularly your situation. If you are looking for some new knowledge or interesting facts, books is your place to find them. Even a fiction, imaginary book holds something useful in itself.

Reading enhances your imagination. It is like traveling without even leaving your room! Everything can be done in reader’s imagination. It can not be compared with watching TV where everything is ready and shown to you. When reading the lines, your mind takes you to unknown distant places, you can imagine yourself in a place of a main hero, go on adventurous trip with him.

Reading inspires you. If you are in a bad mood and think that you have a black line of life now, read a drama book or a martyr’s biography. This will make your understand that your situation is not as bad as you thought it was. On the other side, read a motivational writing, a story of success. You will immediately grow wings and start achieving goals in life.

Reading is a great hobby. From many thing you can devote your free time to, reading good books is definitely one of the best. First of all, it gives you all of the above advantages. Seconds, why knows, maybe by reading regularly you will soon be inspired to write an publish your won writing?

So join us, let’s read and be better!