As both effect crusher and also jaw crusher are important crusher in the process of breaking, this paper shows us the distinction between both to help us pick a suitable one when buying.


The application of effect chromium crusher:
The impact crusher can deal with various crude, tool as well as fine products( granite, sedimentary rock, concrete, and so on) that side around 500mm and the compressive strength which is greater than 350MPa, it is commonly used in water as well as electrical power, highways, fabricated accumulation as well as squashing industries.

Effect crusher working principle:
While operating, blades rotating at broadband driven by an electric motor, the products are squashed with hammers on the rotor when gone into and also were re-broken on a counterattack to the lining, and finally discharged from the outlet.

The Jaw Crusher was frequently utilized in the manufacturing of beneficiation plants and crushed rock plants. This device, compared with the various other crushers, has the benefits of inexpensive as well as high effectiveness.

The needs of jaw crusher regarding abrasion resistance is really high, usually constructed from high wear-resistant manganese steel lining plate. When operating, 2 block jaw board (manganese steel) are inside its busted tooth cavity, the taken care of one is called repaired jaw, it is fixed on the crusher cavity on the front wall surface with the top side tilt slightly outward, one more back and forth moving jaw board is commonly called relocating jaw, also called jaw tongue, situated tilt, just created an inverted trapezoid damaged cavity (job tooth cavity) with the fixed jaw. The relocating jaw as well as fixed jaw integrand with each various other over and also over once more. When they two different, d jaw material right away going into the crushing chamber, after that busted good product released from the crusher bottom; the entered material in crushing tooth cavity are grinded by extrusion force of the communication between two jaw when they relocate close, consequently, product bends and divided by the duty so regarding make the product damaged. This is the whole procedure just how the products are ragged.